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Benefits of Brown Rice


Brown rice has a rich content of manganese, which helps in the production of energy from carbohydrates and protein. The nutrient also plays a key role in the synthesis of fatty acids, which is necessary for a healthy nervous system. One can get about 88% of the daily needs for manganese by consuming juts one cup of brown rice.

The manganese present in brown rice is also required for the antioxidant enzyme, superoxide dismutase, which protects the mitochondria against the free radicals formed during energy production.

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Composition of Rice Grain

The proportion by weight of rice is 80% starch and 20% bran and endosperm. Very little protein is found in the starchy part in the endosperm. The thickness of the layer of rice bran differs from variety to variety, the endosperm is found at one end of the grain, the part connecting to the stem where or the beginning of the sprouting point. While rice hull is the part covering the whole grain of rice.

Rice Starch

Rice starch is produced in the form of rough granule within a round organelle called amyloplasts. The size of the starch granule ranges from smaller than 6μm, such as, in rice to bigger than 80μm in potato. The starch granule comprises 2 major parts; the alpha-glucan known as amylose and amylopectin approx. 85-90% by weight and approx. 10-15% water, 1% fat and very low protein (<0.5% by weight) while fat is consisted of lypophospholipid (LPL) and free fatty acid: FFA) (Tester, 1997)

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Rice Properties

Bhrum believes in sharing health information and hopes to see all people have better health through a better lifestyle. Many people perceive “Rice” as just ordinary table rice that is cooked daily in our kitchen, grown in paddies and stored in barns. Most people, especially Asians of today, who grew up with rice normally view rice as a simple staple food with no special properties. But in fact, the word “rice”, to ancient Asians; implies miracles in many respects.

To many Westerners, rice has been regarded as the most useful and valuable plant. There are thousands of rice strains each with its own biological characteristics. When we start considering each and every element of the nutrients commonly found in each rice kernel, many people will certainly change their mind and give rice much higher value than what they used to perceive rice as.

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General Use of Bio-MR II

take 1-2 servings a day before meals.

Sprinkle 1-2 teaspoons(5-10g) onto 6-8oz of warm water or fruit juice, liquid food or soup,
then stir and drink.

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