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FAQ about Bio-MR II

What is this product?

Bio-MRII is an all natural food product that promotes total healing and wellness. It can provide energy, and also pro-enzymes. Pro-enzymes are essential, as they are the building blocks for cellular function. Bio-MRII does three major things:

Cellular energy - Bio-MR II supplies the highly bioavailable carbohydrates and proteins in nature form which can be absorbed more effectively in our digestive system, providing our body cells with the biological fuel it needs to function normally. The clinical study of Bio-MR II shows that the mitochondria can produce more the cellular energy (ATP) up to 54% after the neuron cell is exposed to Bio-MR II. This increase cellular energy will help to trigger our body natural healing processes.

Pro-Enzyme - Bio-MR II provides the necessary amino acids for enzyme production called pro-enzyme, the precursor and building block to all human enzymes. Enzymes are proteins that act as catalysts in mediating and speeding up chemical reactions. Without enzymes, our body cannot function normally. Metabolic enzymes and digestive enzymes convert the food we eat into chemical structures that can pass through the cell membranes in the digestive tract that are absorbed into the bloodstream. There are an estimated 75,000 human enzymes and there is no telling when our body will lack any specific enzyme. Pro-enzyme provides the raw material for our body to produce specific enzymes that our body may lack at any specific time, which results in better metabolic and digestive function.

Total Healing & Wellness - Bio-MR II improves health in a natural way, the way your body was designed to function. It is an all natural product created and developed with a holistic approach. Your body will reap the benefits of the highly bioavailable carbohydrates and proteins obtained from the proprietary mechanical hydrolysis process. Bio-MR II is specifically engineered to strengthen our cells by providing a superior energy source and the necessary protein (pro-enzyme) to improve metabolic and digestive functions. Bio-MR II allows our body to properly restore, heal and rebalance. After consuming Bio-MR II, you will feel the positive changes in your body within 30-60 days. For instance, if you are usually fatigued or weak, you will feel more energetic. If you usually have problems with the digestive and excretory system you will find more balance. Whether you’re looking to support digestion or to improve your overall wellness, Bio-MR II is the solution for you.

What is this product made of?

Bio-MRII comes 100% from rice. It is a none-GMO product and all natural. No pesticides are used in the rice that is used to produce Bio-MRII. The rice strains used to create Bio-MRII have been especially selected for their nutritional value, and are grown in the nutrient rich Siam Valley of Thailand.

Is there a range of age preferable to use?

There is no specific age that people should start taking Bio-MRII. Bio-MRII promotes total wellness, and every age group can be benefit.

How does it help? What does it do?

Bio-MRII helps by providing the cells with the energy and nutrients they need to function. Bio-MRII does this because it is especially engineered by a proprietary process. This process allows Bio-MRII to be accepted into the cells easy, so that the nutrients are readily available. When the cells have proper nutrients, they are able to conduct their functions. When the cells can conduct their functions, a person's body will naturally begin to feel better and heal itself. It is no just healing. Bio-MRII promotes general wellness. Those who are not sick will also benefit, as their body will be stronger and more able to keep disease at bay.

How effective is it?

Research has shown that Bio-MRII can naturally and safely increase cellular energy production up to 54 percent. When the cells have more energy, they are more effective in performing their duties. The actual beneficial effect will vary from person to person, but in general, everyone will see some improvement in their health.

How do I use it?

General Use - To use Bio-MRII, take 1-3 servings a day before meals. Sprinkle 1-2 teaspoons(5-10g) onto 6-8oz of warm water or fruit juice, liquid food or soup, then stir and drink. Bio-MRII can also be used for skin care.

Facial Care - Mix a ? tsp. of Bio-MR II with approximately ? ounce of pure water, then apply using upward strokes. Leave on face for 10 - 15 minutes and then rinse with warm water and pat dry. Can be used daily. For maximum benefit, Bio-MR II can also be consumed daily. Skin Care - Mix a ? tsp. of Bio-MR II with approximately ? ounce of pure water. Apply mixture to rough, dry or troubled skin areas. Leave on for 10-15 minutes and then rinse with warm water. Use as needed. In addition, consume Bio-MR II daily for optimal results.

Are there any side effects?

Bio-MRII is created 100% from rice. It has no known side effects.

Can I take it with other medications?

Bio-MRII is safe to use with medications. Bio-MRII is created 100% from rice, and is essentially a rice product. It does not interact with drugs, supplements, or foods. Note: Do not stop or change dosage of ANY prescription drugs you are taking without first consulting with your physician and/or healthcare practitioner.

Are their immediate effects?

Bio-MRII will not have an immediate effect on the body. Bio-MRII will gradually improve one's health over time. Depending on the ailment, it can take a matter of weeks or months to see some improvement.

Why don't we feel any effects after use?

Bio-MRII is not a medication or drug. Bio-MRII is a health food supplement. It does not have an active ingredient. Bio-MRII promotes total healing and wellness, and will make the body healthier as time progresses. It is not a fast acting supplement.

How many bottles until it will start to work?

The amount of bottles is hard to determine, and utilizing Bio-MRII should not be seen in bottle quantity. If one follows the recommended dosage of Bio-MRII, they will see results at varying rates. It can be a few weeks in some cases, or months in another.

How many times do I take it a day?

An individual can take Bio-MRII as much as they want throughout the day. No amount of Bio-MRII will be unhealthy for the body. The recommended dosage of Bio-MRII depends on the type of care one is trying to obtain. For general use, it is recommended the individual take it 1-3 times a day before meals.

Where is the product made?

Bio-MRII is made in Thailand, and 100 percent of its consistency comes from rice. The rice is grown from special strains in the Siam Valley.

How many times would you recommend we take it?

The recommended dosage is listed on the bottle, and that is the amount that we recommend individuals take Bio-MRII. 1-3 times daily is the recommended amount.

Why is it so expensive?

Bio-MRII does come from rice, but that is not the complete story for the production of Bio-MRII. Bio-MRII is created from rice, but it is also refined using a proprietary process which breaks down the molecules of the rice. It is this process that gives the medical benefits of Bio-MRII. The new molecular structure of the polysaccharides & polypeptides of the rice is greatly reduced, and easily accepted by our body's cells.

Are there any discounts or specials?

There are no discounts for Bio-MRII. However, there are roughly 4 promotions throughout the year. During these promotions, each 300g of Bio-MRII purchased will come with a 75g bottle of Bio-MRII for free.

Why is the bottle not filled up to the brim?

The bottle is not filled up to the brim simply because it is more efficient for us to manufacture Bio-MRII in that size bottle. Every bottle of Bio-MRII contains 300g of Bio-MRII. There is no differentiation from bottle to bottle.

Can you use it during pregnancy?

Bio-MRII is an all natural product that has many basic nutrients needed by most women and has not been found to cause any problems in pregnant or lactating women.

Is it all natural or are there chemicals in it?

Bio-MRII is 100% all natural with no chemicals added. It is a non-GMO product, and no pesticides are used in the creation of the rice which Bio-MRII comes.

How long will it take to ship out?

Once an order is placed, it will be processed within 1-2 business days. On Fridays after 4PM or weekends, the order will be processed the following Monday. After an order is processed, it will be shipped USPS. It takes 3 days from this point for the package to come in the mail.

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General Use of Bio-MR II

take 1-2 servings a day before meals.

Sprinkle 1-2 teaspoons(5-10g) onto 6-8oz of warm water or fruit juice, liquid food or soup,
then stir and drink.

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